Italian Vessels’ shipyard is located in the port area of Termoli, on the Italian Eastern coastline of the Adriatic Sea, a mere 3 hours drive from Rome via freeway.


The shipyard has seen a major overhaul under the new owners, Messrs. Parigi, who have an experience in the naval sector of over 50 years. 

The Parigis are the founders of Italian Vessels srl., shipbuilding company formed at the end of 2014 when the family bought the Termoli shipyard.


The founders’ family objective in this take-over was to revive the famous shipyard of Termoli that boasted  a history of over 20 years of activity in naval construction and ship repair of all sorts with over 200 vessels built, including megayachts, tugboats, trawlers and tankers.


The family embarked in a courageous turnaround and it is now proud to present a completely renovated shipyard with the finest Italian craftmanship in yacht building, led by the inspired designs of leading naval architects and engineers presenting their state-of-the-art vision of Yachting Made in Italy, under the leadership and strong management of the family senior members.


In addition to the highly-qualified labor force of the shipyard, Italian Vessels’  can deploy the know-how and combined experience of a number of associated companies which strengthen Italian Vessels’ craftsmanship and allow the newly-refitted shipyard to carry out work and constructions with the utmost quality in a timely manner.

The shipyard is UNI EN ISO 9001.2015 certified





Italian Vessels, in collaboration with leading Yacht Designers and Naval Engineers, designs and builds yachts in steel and aluminium  alloy leveraging also on the construction techniques that the shipyard utilizes in its Commercial  Vessels Division gained in decades of shipbuilding experience, guaranteeing its design yachts solidity of construction and state-of-the-art safety.

Italian Vessels has launched two new lines of luxury yachts, Wide Space and Enjoy Yachts, designed by leading architect Tommaso Spadolini for the external - internal design and engineered by leading engineering expert Umberto Tagliavini.  Both lines will be from 70', 93,9' (in construction) and 130' feet in length up.

The Wide Space line, whose first unit is currently under construction, will be 93.9' long and has been designed for Ship Owners who want to experience the sea without compromise and appreciate comfortable outdoor spaces and equally comfortable interiors, regardless if it is for their personal use or for charter business. The former boasts a version with 3 or 4 cabins, the latter a version with 5 cabins.
From the maritime point of view the vessels guarantee constructive solidity and safe navigation, great autonomy and reduced consumption.

The Enjoy Yachts line was designed for Ship-Owners willing to experience the sea and enjoy the yacht in different ways, for those who love to host guests and organize events and/or parties on board taking advantage of the generous outdoor spaces, and equally for the traditional seafarer family that prefers to have fewer guests on board and to have more space for their favourite sports, water games and toys.
The Enjoy Yachtsline is also suitable and usable as a utility yacht for gigayachts, to accommodate additional guests or the crew.

Wide Space


Wide Space


Technical Data



   L.o.a                                28,50 m.                          

   Beam max.                      7,21 m.                          

   Draft                                2,35 - 2,45 m.                    

   Displacement                  145 -165 t.                          

   Engines                           2 x MAN 412 kw (560 cv)              

   Max speed                      13,00 kn.                          

   Cruising speed                10,00 kn.                          

   Range                              2000 - 3000 mils.                        

   Fuel oil tanks                   30.000 lt.                          

   Hull material                    Naval Steel Fe510 (AH-36)        

   Superstructure material   Light Alloy AA5083 (Al-Mg4.4)    


     Category Approval CE  Cat. “A”

     certification RIN


Enjoy Yacht

Technical Data


   L.o.a                               28,50 m.                          

   Beam max.                     7,21 m.                          

   Draft                               2,35 - 2,45 m.                    

   Displacement                 145 -165 t.                          

   Engines                          2 x MAN 412 kw (560 cv)              

   Max speed                     13,00 kn.                          

   Cruising speed               10,00 kn.                          

   Range                             2000 - 3000 mils.                        

   Fuel oil tanks                   30.000 lt.                          

   Hull material                    Naval Steel Fe510 (AH-36)        

   Superstructure material   Light Alloy AA5083 (Al-Mg4.4)    



     Category Approval CE  Cat. “A”

     certification RINA

Enjoy Yacht.jpeg


The shipyard extends over on area of 13,000 inside the port of Termoli (CB), with 3 main workshop units, yards and office building as well as a 6,000 sq. mt. water mirror with 130 mt-length of quay.

Italian Vessels is able to offer the following services:

  • Build of leisure and commercial boat or nautical craft in steel and aluminium

  • Repair

  • Refitting

  • Storage

The shipyard is equipped with a 240 ton. travel lift and self propelled trailers with 240 ton. 



The shipyards Italian Vessels is able to design  and build the folloving type of commercial boat:

  • Trawlers

  • Tug boat

  • Supply vessels

  • Passenger


Material   :  Steel
Loa         :   27,50
Breadth  :   10,18
Remark  :   B/Pull 60 tonn.

Material  :   Steel
Loa         :   36,00
Breadth  :       5,3
Remark  :   B/Pull 70  tonn.

Fishing Vessel
Material  :  Steel
Loa         :  25,52
Breadth  :    6,16




Porto di Termoli – Via Molo Sud Est, 2 – 86039 Termoli (CB)

Legal Site

Via della Fonte Meravigliosa, 36 – 00143 Roma (RM)

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Italian Vessels è specializzata nella lavorazione dell’acciaio e delle leghe leggere, pertanto le imbarcazioni prodotte garantiscono solidità, sicurezza, minime manutenzioni e tutela dell’ambiente.

La linea proposta dal cantiere è rappresentata da due yacht tipo “navette” avente lunghezza  di 93.9’  mt.(23.95 mt. ) denominate “Wide Space”, concept rivolto principalmente al mondo del charter con le sue 5 cabine molto comode e due confortevoli saloni, ed il modello “Enjoy Yacht” rivolta a persone che vogliono vivere il mare in modi diversi, con più spazi conviviali all’aperto o per giochi d’acqua .

La linea Wide Space, sarà lunga 93.9' ed è stata pensata per Armatori che vogliono vivere il mare senza compromessi ed apprezzano spazi esterni ampi e comodi ambienti interni, sia nel caso vogliano adibirla al charter, che se vogliano utilizzarla personalmente. Nel primo caso proposta la versione con 5 cabine, nel secondo le versioni 3 o 4 cabine.

Dal punto di vista marinaresco le imbarcazioni garantiscono solidità costruttiva e navigazione sicura, grande autonomia e consumi ridotti.


La linea Enjoy Yachts è stata pensata dal cantiere e dai progettisti per Armatori propensi a vivere il mare e godersi lo yacht in modi diversi: per chi ama avere ospiti ed organizzare eventi e feste usufruendo dei grandi spazi esterni, oppure dalla classica famiglia che predilige sport, giochi di acqua e pochi ospiti a bordo.

L’Enjoy Yachts  è anche adatta ed utilizzabile come Utility Yacht al servizio di megayachts.

 Wide Space

Scheda Tecnica

   Lunghezza f.t.                   28,50 m

   Lunghezza ISO 8666       23,95 m.

   Larghezza max.                7,21 m.

   Immersione                        2,45 - 2,65 m.

   Dislocamento                     145 -165 t.

   Motorizzazione           2 x MAN 412 kw (560 cv)

   Velocità max.                     12,50 kn.

   Velocità crociera                10,00 kn.

   Autonomia                          2000 - 3000 mils.

   Capacità carburante         30.000 lt.

   Scafo                        Acciaio Navale Fe510 (AH-36)

   Sovrastrutture          Lega Leggera AA5083 (Al-Mg4.4)



     Categoria omologazione CE  Cat. “A”

     Ente Certificatore  RINA

Enjoy Yacht

Scheda Tecnica

     Lunghezza f.t.                   28,50 m

     Lunghezza ISO 8666      23,95 m.

     Larghezza max.               7,21 m.

     Immersione                      2,45 - 2,65 m.

     Dislocamento                  145 -165 t.

     Motorizzazione            2 x MAN 412 kw (560 cv)

     Velocità max.                   12,50 kn.

     Velocità crociera              10,00 kn.

     Autonomia                        2000 - 3000 mils.

     Capacità carburante       30.000 lt.

     Scafo                        Acciaio Navale Fe510 (AH-36)

     Sovrastrutture         Lega Leggera AA5083 (Al-Mg4.4)



     Categoria omologazione CE  Cat. “A”

     Ente Certificatore  RINA

Divisione Custom

La sezione delle imbarcazioni Custom, è caratterizzata da alcuni concept studiati insieme a designer ed ingegneri navali entrati in sintonia con la famiglia Parigi. Pertanto tramite le loro creazioni è possibile soddisfare le richieste e le aspettative dei clienti per realizzare la loro imbarcazione ideale ed unica.

Le proposte che il cantiere ha elaborato insieme ai tecnici variano dai tender di 15 metri ai mega yacht di 50 metri. Le linee, gli spazi e gli arredi sono personalizzabili come un vero vestito sartoriale.

Design Ing. Samarelli

Ice Class 94'

Classica 35 mt. 

Classica 35 blu.jpg

Design Ing. Mirko Oprandi